Back by popular demand, it’s ‘TIME’ for the 2nd annual Encore MAYHEM Contest.

Encore Ads will be holding a live raffle streamed the 1st week of June 2024.  The raffle tickets earned will be based on actual traffic generated in the month of May.  Naturally, the more raffle tickets you have in the draw, the better chance you have to WIN THE ROLEX watch.  You can have up to 15 tickets in the draw!

How To Earn Raffle Tickets in May

Every day you send 10 or more NUTRA* sales, counts as a qualifying day. To earn tickets, you need at least 5 CONSECUTIVE** qualifying days:

5 Days In a Row (with 10 or more sales daily) 1
10 Days In a Row (with 10 or more sales daily) 3
15 Days In a Row (with 10 or more sales daily) 6
31 Days In a Row (entire month with 10 or more sales daily) 15

Terms and Conditions


1 *SS NUTRA traffic only. No other offer types qualify for the raffle. Qualifying offers have a CPA of $100 or more. Offers with a CPA of less than $100 do not qualify for this contest.


2 **Consecutive days means days in a row (of 10 or more nutra sales) with no gaps between days, per affiliate ID.  For example if your affiliate ID has 10+ nutra sales on May 2,3,4,5,6 then that would earn you 1 ticket.  If your ID has 10+ nutra sales on May 10,11,12 and 14 but on the 13th you had 9 sales only - then these dates do NOT qualify.  You can only qualify for 1 raffle category, so only your maximum consecutive day streak will be counted.  For example, if you have a 5-day consecutive streak at the beginning of the month and then a 15-day streak at the end of the month, you will earn 6 tickets, because your maximum streak is 15-days.  You cannot  qualify for more than 1 streak category.  You cannot enter more than once.  If you have multiple affiliate IDs, only the affiliate ID with the maximum raffle tickets earned will be counted.


3 Contest based on UTC -5 Timezone (standard system time) Qualifying sales must be legitimate pixel fires in Encore tracking platform.  Bonus sales will not be counted toward qualifying days.


4 If Bonuses and GEPC credits added in May total more than $1000, you will not be eligible for the contest.

Prize substitutions will not be offered.

Ask your affiliate manager if you have any questions.


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